Relationships often breakdown due to lack of communication.  Understanding your partner's point of view, listening, and slowing down your reaction time are keys to healing relationship problems.  Focusing on the positive and the solution, rather than the negative will bring you and your partner closer.  



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Living Life Spiritually

Healing Relationships

Prayer is your connection to God, your belief in the afterlife and faith, and your trust in the world beyond this life.  Many people find comfort, peace and solace in prayer.  It is known to reduce stress, can change your outlook, and be a grounding force in your life.  It doesn't require any special posture, gestures, or words.  It can simply be a thought or a mental conversation with whoever or whatever you believe in greater than yourself.  It's also a telephone line to the spiritual realm.  You speak with the hope of response.  Those with the greatest faith get validation of their prayers.  Prayers can be good wishes, thoughts, requests, or thanks.

Overcoming Pain



Society has a misconception about soul mates.  It is not about Prince Charming and Cinderella, but rather about reason and growth.  Soul mates are two souls who have made a contract in heaven to come back and help each other learn their lessons.  There are different kind of soul mates; friend, teacher, and love.  Soul mates have great purpose in your life.  Soul mates come when we are in need or after we have learned our lessons.  Staying close to your path and living your destiny will often times attract a soul mate. 

Guilt, Fear, and Forgiveness



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Angels are different from what most people believe.  They are not winged cherubs that fly around heaven.  They are actually angelic beings that serve as messengers of God.  They are helpers to the Universe that guide people.  Guardian angels are here for protection and guidance.  They connect and communicate with our higher self.  If we are aligned with our faith and spirituality, our guardian angels will help keep us on our path.  Those angels that are most enlightened become the highest form of angel: an arch angel.  They oversee all of the other angels and have the highest power.

Finding Your Soul mate

Guilt, fear and forgiveness are counter emotions.  They are man made emotions that cripple you and don't allow you to live free and experience life to it's fullest.  The path to overcoming involves faith and living without expectations.  Using your heart, you can conquer all the negative and heal your soul.

Paul Saladino

Psychic Medium

Connecting with your higher self to fulfill your goals and find self empowerment is a change in perspective.  It takes effort to break away from conventional thought.  But when you do, you will find excitement in self discovery and personal growth, feeling freer from the burdens of your past and looking forward to the possibilities of the future. 

Pain gives us the ability to learn our greatest lessons.  Understanding the reason behind the pain, allows you to find the steps to move on.  Taking those steps will ensure a more peaceful and joy filled life, one that is free from pain.  The entire process of overcoming pain can be the inspiration to finding a new path and a new purpose.

  1. The Way of the  Peaceful Warrior  - Dan Millman
  2. The Shack                                         - William P. Young 
  3. A Return to Love       - Marianne Williamson