Helping people with their loss, I give them a better understanding of the afterlife and help restore their faith.  This results in inner peace and strength to go on.

During a one hour session, I connect with the energy of your past, present, and future and give insight into your health, finances, romance, and spiritual purpose.  I also validate the afterlife by making contact with those who have passed on.

Special Events

The practice of mediating the communication between the living and those who have passed on. 

 Working together, we uncover your strengths and enhance your abilities to find your greatest good and purpose in life.  Our focus is on creating positives out of negatives and developing a practical plan to help you live your life to the fullest.

Different from conventional therapy, this is an aggressive form of counseling focusing on the solution rather than the problem.  This allows you to move forward from your past with a clearer understanding of your purpose.  Using my intuition, I help you break free from the past, overcome obstacles, and see your issues from a spiritual standpoint rather than the physical one. 


Intuitive Counseling

Life Coaching

Psychic Readings & Mediumship


One who has the ability to  perceive information hidden from the normal senses through extra sensory perception (ESP) and intuition..

Grieving Counseling


Energy Healings




I am available for parties and group events.  Please call me to schedule your event.

As a Certified member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, I use relaxation and breathing techniques to put you in a deep meditative state which allows your subconscious to be present.  Once in this state, I am able to instill suggestions that break habits, overcome fear, and create positive thought processes.  Commonly used for weight loss, depression, addictions, and childhood issues.

As a certified healer, I use the energy of the universe to clear blockage in energy centers (chakras).  Clearing blocked chakras helps heal physical and mental illnesses in the body, helping to restore balance.

Paul Saladino

Psychic Medium